Auctions for the 2020 tikis, turtle, and birds ends Jan 11!

Please use the registration form on this page. Without your name and phone number we will remove your account.

UPDATE 1: Auction ending times have been adjusted due to a planned power outage Saturday night in Sierra Madre. All auctions will end between 6:00pm and 7:40pm. See below for updated times or look at the individual bid pages.

UPDATE 2: The time to make payments has been extended to 11am on Sunday, January 12th.

2020 Auctions are now accepting bids through Jan 11 

These custom sculpted items are fabricated from steel rod, then aluminum screening is glued to the frame. The screen is then sprayed with a polyurethane coating. Some areas are shaped with open-cell foam. The final shape is then painted and the organic decorative material is glued to that. Live flowers may be added but will be removed before pick up. Each item takes dozens of hours to build and decorate. Some of the larger tikis take well over 100 hours.

All listed dimensions are approximate. Scroll to the bottom of this screen to see the list. The coverings are generally not weatherproof, but will last longer outdoors if sprayed with a clear polyurethane coating. The steel frame is weatherproof but will lightly rust if exposed to moisture.

These auctions are a Sierra Madre Rose Float Association fundraiser… so bid generously! Material prices are listed for each auction. Any amount above that is a tax-deductible donation.

All auctions end Saturday, January 11, between 6:00 pm and 7:40 pm.

Payment is by PayPal or credit card (through PayPal but you don’t need an account). Payment must be made by 11:00 am, Jan 12. After the auction the winning bidder will receive an email with a link to make the payment. 

For any questions or to arrange for a cash payment send an email to On the day of pick up you can call (626)355-7005 after 10am with questions.

Shipping is NOT included. Pick up is at the Rose Float Barn on Sunday, Jan 12, from noon to 5pm unless other arrangements are made. Local delivery may be possible for an additional fee. All fees must be paid prior to pick up or delivery. It takes two people to move these items.

Instructions for bidding

Register on this website here  (please give enough time for the account to be manually approved):

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Bid for items here:

WARNING: This isn’t a high-speed auction system like eBay.
If everyone waits until the last second to bid there is no
that bids will go through in time.

Auction Bid

If you have problems contact us at

Ending time for each auction:

Bird #1 Jan 11, 6:00 pm wingspan up to 8′, 4′–6″ beak to tail
Bird #2 Jan 11, 6:10 pm wingspan up to 8′, 4′–6″ beak to tail
Bird #3 Jan 11, 6:20 pm wingspan up to 8′, 4′–6″ beak to tail
Bird #4 Jan 11, 6:30 pm wingspan up to 8′, 4′–6″ beak to tail
Bird #5 Jan 11, 6:40 pm wingspan up to 8′, 4′–6″ beak to tail
Turtle Jan 11, 6:50 pm 4′ head to tail, 3′-5″ wide (fin to fin)
Tiki #1 Dave  Jan 11, 7:00 pm  5′-5″, 27″ diameter at base
Tiki #2 Contiki Jan 11, 7:10 pm  Contiki 5′-9″, 24.5″ diameter at base
Tiki #3 Putiki Jan 11, 7:20 pm  6′-3″, 20″ diameter at base
Tiki #4 Ku Jan 11, 7:30 pm  7′-7″, 28″ diameter at base
Tiki #5 Lono Jan 11, 7:40 pm  8′-5″, 26″ diameter at base


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