Submit a Float Design Now for 2021

It is time for you to put on your thinking caps and pick up your pencils. We are looking for your design submissions for the 2021 parade.

Tournament of Roses President for 2021, Bob Miller, announced the 2021 Theme: Dream. Believe. Achieve.

“The 2021 theme celebrates education’s ability to open doors, open minds and change lives. Education paves the path to success with a world of opportunities achieved through knowledge, compassion and determination. As students visualize their future, education is the bridge to accomplish their aspirations and encourage generations to come. Together, let’s celebrate dreams fulfilled, goals achieved, and millions of lives forever changed.”

The emphasis is on education – our new Tournament President’s belief that education is the key to success and it needs to be meaningful and memorable. He believes in education!!

Instructions and submission forms are available here:

SMRFA Float Design Packet 2021

The submissions will be due by 5 PM on February 7th. We hope to see a large number of submissions, so we will be able to present another award winning float.

2020 Float Design
2020 Winning design submitted by Jason Redfox.