“The Sky’s the Limit!” 

Sierra Madre’s entry in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade

Winner of the Isabella Coleman Trophy

                       – Best Presentation of Color and Color Harmony –
The theme of the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade was “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” (based on Dr. Seuss’ last book. Sierra Madre’s entry was titled “The Sky’s the Limit!” Sierra Madre’s fanciful design encourages us to let our imaginations soar. It dares us to dream brave dreams and invites us to believe that all things are possible.
Height: 27 feet
Width: 18 feet
Length: 55 feet
With this fanciful design, Sierra Madre invites parade viewers to let their imaginations soar and believe that all things are possible. A spectacular 55-foot long floral kite floats among bluebirds, rainbows and stars, bearing three young dreamers on its tail. Dutch iris, cattleya orchids and a profusion of white roses suggest a cloud-streaked sky. Velvety red and royal purple carnations, yellow chrysanthemums, lime green Kermit mums, tangerines and limes create the technicolor floral palette.The large elegant kite soaring from the front of the float depicts the there are no boundries portion of the Oh The Places You’ll Go book. You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights – You’ll join the high flyers – Who soar to high heights.
FLOWERING: Sierra Madre presents one of the most densely flowered entries in the parade. Thousands of bright red carnations, purple Florigene carnations, lime green Kermit button mums, and yellow chrysanthemums create the vibrant colors of the kite and rainbows. Dutch iris, cattleya orchids and a profusion of white “Tibet” roses suggest a cloud-streaked sky. Casablanca lilies, yellow China chrysanthemums, “Tresor 2000” and “Voodoo” roses provide floral highlights.

Ti leaf, coconut flakes, blue statice, red lentils, strawflower confetti, tangerines and limes create textural accents.

The Florigene carnations featured on the float have been genetically engineered for their electric purple hue.