“Catching the Big One”

Sierra Madre’s entry in the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade

Winner of the Mayor’s Trophy

– Most Outstanding City Entry – National or International –

Designed by Charles Meier.

The theme for the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade chosen by President Scott Jenkins was “Dreams Come True”.  Sierra Madre’s entry was titled “Catching the Big One”.  Our 3 lady fishermen (Sierra Madre Princesses) were out for a little fun, when they got the catch of a lifetime.  Fisherman always dream of “Catching the Big One”. Sometimes you should be careful what you dream for.
FLOAT DESCRIPTION: Height: 26 feet
Width: 18 feet
Length: 42 feet
FLOWERING: Sierra Madre presents a densely flowered entry for the parade. Over 10,000 Roses,30,000 Carnations, and 6,000 Irises, with button mums, whole strawflower, agapanthus, phalaenopsis orchids, cattlaya orchids, vanda orchids Produce: grapefruit (spots on the fish’s nose) oranges (spots on the fish’s body) kumquats (accents on the fins and tail) Dry: Flake coconut (whites of eyes and deck splashes Red Lentil – whole & crushed, (fins and tail) Black Rice White Sushi Rice – ground Yellow Strawflower – confetti cut Burgundy Strawflower (throat of fish) Crushed Walnut shells (inside of boat) Tan Strawflower (outside of boat) Crushed Magnolia leaves (boat trim).


ANIMATION: The boat both rocked and rolled and Momma’s tail moved up and down in sync with the boat. Momma’s fins moved as well.


The Sierra Madre Rose Float Association has dedicated this float to our long time friend and volunteer – Doug and named the boat The Douglas D. Doug and his wife Donna have been an integral part of the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association for many years. He passed away in 2013 and will be missed.